I’m the person who likes alternate music to everyone else. Although I still appreciate “pop” music and like listening to artists like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande they’re not really my forte.
I don’t see myself as an emo or goth or anything but punk rock/alternate rock is the genre I prefer listening too. Also because of my influences on playing the violin and music my dad listens to: I like Classical, Especially Handel and Bach although anything played on violin I find heartwarming.


~My violin and Oslas flute from when Elizabeth, Osla and I played in a concert~

I turned on Spotify and in my music the song that came on was Misery (sang by glee) originally made by Maroon 5. The lyrics were relatable but not what I would like to relate too. It’s a very strong song. I sang along to it as well lol … and the other songs that came after it too including a few of my favourite bands; Fall Out Boy, Paramore & Panic! at the disco yaaaay what a noice coincidence.

Tomorrow at school I miss all my lessons because of our last rehersal for Annie. Sort of concerned as we have science on Tuesday and my book is usually quite neat and if I ask people to send me pictures of their book it will not be as I need it … #sorrynotsorry


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