Most teenagers have a blog. Mine is most probably indifferent from the next although personal to me. Here you’ll find poems, photos and pointless rants about things you probably don’t care about. 

  Holly is my name and I’m 13. I come from a dearly loving family that consists mainly (for me anyway) of my dad, mum, brother and sister although she lives far away now.

 My dad is a calm, old-fashioned man that once tried to do banter with some people he had never met before in a hospital. Well it didn’t turn out as I think he must have planed. His name is Ron and he was born in England just like I was.

 Sasi is short for Sasivimon which is my mum’s name. She was born in Thailand and one of TWELVE siblings, golly that’s a lot! I have visited Thailand 5 times in my life so far and it is my favourite place to travel to.

  Justin is my younger brother and he is 11, soon to be 12 in December, awfully clever at maths and science along with his great talent in art. He is jack of all trades and master of all trades, quite the title to have. My older sister is called Doris and she’s 24 (we’re all fully related) She’s a maths teacher far away from where I live so we don’t see her as much anymore.

 From my point of view my life is one that will be forgotten over time just like a billion other little girls that had dreams that ever lived. Whilst i’m frightened of the future I’m happy for it to come as it pleases. 

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